Understanding for action

In line with its scientific mission on care in partnership with the community, the Chair offers information resources on COVID-19 to equip caregivers in our community (health professionals, family caregivers, community workers, patients and citizens).

Our objectives are:
1. To help community caregivers identify reliable sources of information on COVID-19 to inform their own actions;
2. Foster the emergence of community-based solutions to address COVID-19 with citizens, professionals, caregivers and patients;
3. Learn, in real time, about effective community and citizen initiatives and disseminate this knowledge.

COVID Webinar (March 24, 2020) – See video below (in French)

Objectives: To synthesize evidence-based information on COVID-19 to inform care.
1. Where can you find relevant information without drowning?
2. How do we interpret the data to guide action?
3. How can individual and group care be adapted?

Target audience: Caregivers working in the community (front-line professionals, community workers, family caregivers, patients and citizens involved in care relationships in their community).

1. Antoine Boivin, MD PhD. Family Physician (GMF Notre-Dame) and Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership.
2. Geneviève Dequoy, MD. Member of the COVID Coordinating Committee, GMF Notre-Dame
3. Ghislaine Rouly. Co-Leader of the Caring Community project with the Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership.

Click here for the webinar slides (in French).

Other resources that you may find useful:

• Prevention: Government of Quebec

• COVID questions and symptoms: 1 (877) 644-4545

• Social distress: Info-social 811

• Understanding: CBC

• Deciphering false rumors (in French): Agence Science-Presse


In addition, the Online Health Information Aid website provides tips and resources on searching, evaluating, and using online health information.

Finally, we invite you to visit our Caring Community project page.

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