Purpose of the research

Improve our ways of caring for each other, in partnership with patients, citizens and the community.




Patients, relatives and citizens are the primary caregivers in our society. A sick child is first cared for by his or her parents, while a parent’s last caregiver is often his or her own child. Caring for each other also means taking care of our communities and our collective ability to build mutual aid relationships, by mobilizing the skills of each individual.

The Chair develops the science of partnering with patients and communities. Our research team supports the design and evaluation of social innovations that engage patients and citizens as experts. Our team specializes in community engagement approaches developed in collaboration with local health care teams. Our projects analyze the impact of the partnership on the health of individuals and communities, as well as the essential components of effective interventions.

Ultimately, the Chair’s research program helps patients, health professionals, policy makers and citizens work together more effectively to improve the health of our communities.

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