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Verdict Santé

Patients get involved to improve healthcare system and care

The challenges faced by the healthcare system are considerable. Needs are growing, staff are in shorter supply and waiting lists are getting longer. Needs are growing, staff are in shorter supply and waiting lists are getting longer. What if patient partners were part of the solution to improving system operation and quality of care? (in French)

Verdict Santé (Restricted access) – October 2023

Balado - Faire connaissance

The art of listening

Dr. Antoine Boivin and Professor of Urban Planning Shin Koseki are masters in the art of listening. Both the patient and the citizen are “encyclopedias of knowledge”, partners in better care and better planning for the city. In this episode, Kim Thúy and her guests weave tangible links between urban planning and health and contemplate the richness created by a multiplicity of viewpoints. (in French)

Université de Montréal – Fall 2022

Sclérodermie Québec

Care with patients: Is it possible?

When illness strikes, our natural reflex is to consult our doctor. Why not also turn to a patient? (in French)

Société de sclérose systémique (sclérodermie) du Québec – Fall-Winter 2018-2019


And now it's time for the patients!

What is the place of the patient in our medicine? Probably better than before… even if there is still a long way to go, says Alain Vadeconcœur. Here, the doctor dissects an interesting study by physician researcher Antoine Boivin, which focuses on the integration of patients in the decision-making process. (in French)

L’actualité – March 7, 2014

Survival of the kindest

Standardization, depersonalization and the impact on people's health and well-being

Standardisation, depersonalisation and lack of emphasis on relationship have an impact on peoples health and wellness. Antoine Boivin and Ghislaine Rouly talk to Dr. Julien Abel in the Suvival of the kindest podcast.

Compassionate Communities UK – May 2023

La Presse

Stories of ordinary care at the border of two realities

The care we offer is very simple. There is nothing heroic about it. (in French)

La Presse – Published on November 9, 2022

Radio Canada

How to support patients in the health care system?

“We’re not ready to be patients. When it happens to us, it’s a shock.” To avoid being intimidated by the administrative monster that is the Quebec health system, Ghislaine Rouly, a patient companion, recommends taking the doctor down from his or her pedestal, taking responsibility, preparing for the visit and clarifying one’s objectives, among other things. (in French)

Radio-Canada – October 10, 2017

Ici artv


Dr. Antoine Boivin is invited to the show “À la table de Kim“. With Régine Laurent, Mélodie Roukoz, Noémie Mercier and Philippe Desrosiers, the episode is about listening. (in French)

Full episode available on Extra.

Artv – January 2023

Qub Radio

Patients know the solutions

Interview with Dr. Antoine Boivin and Philippe-Vincent Foisy on the importance of listening to the solutions implemented by patients themselves to improve health. (in French)

Qub Radio – November 10, 2022

Radio VM - Au coeur de l'essentiel

How to support patients in the health care system ?

Partenaire à votre santé is a series of interviews with patients, caregivers, health professionals, researchers and thinkers conducted by Dominique Lortie on Radio Ville-Marie, highlighting the new ethical philosophy of care that is the patient-partner movement. (in French)

Radio Ville Marie – October 2020

Logo Agence Science Presse

Citizen science: opening the door to science

When a citizen participates in science projects, it has many benefits, starting with bringing the citizen closer to science. And while the most talked about projects are in the environment, there are also projects in the social sciences and health. In the latter cases, it opens the door to marginalized citizens or patients and can create a true “caring community”. (in French)

Agence Science-Presse – November 28, 2019

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