Editorial: World leaders unite to embed social participation in health systems

For the first time in the 76-year history of the World Health Organization, leaders from 194 countries have come out in favor of integrating social participation as a key function of health systems. This resolution is the first to recognize the essential role of social participation in tackling major health challenges, such as access for all, climate change and health inequalities.

July, 2024

Palliative Care & Social Practice

How does community engagement evolve in different compassionate community contexts? A longitudinal comparative ethnographic research protocol

Compassionate communities build on health promoting palliative care that aims to address gaps in access, quality, and continuity of care in the context of dying, death, loss, and grief. While community engagement is a core principle of public health palliative care, it has received little attention in empirical studies of compassionate communities.

April, 2023

Evaluation framework for Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) in research

Evaluation framework for Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) in research

The Learning Together Evaluation framework for Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) in research is a national adaptable tool, which can be used to plan and to evaluate patient engagement before, during and at the end of a project.

Health Expectations: Volume 27, Issue 2

Engaging with peers to integrate community care: Knowledge synthesis and conceptual map

This article seeks to disentangle the conceptual multiplicity of peer support, presenting a conceptual map based on a 3-year knowledge synthesis project involving peers and programme stakeholders in Canada, and international scientific and grey literature.

April, 2024

Health Expectations

The Ecology of Engagement: Fostering cooperative efforts in health with patients and communities

The Ecology of Engagement offers a common sketch to foster dialogue on engagement across health ecosystems. The model can drive cooperative efforts with patients and communities on health, equity, resilience and sustainability.

August, 2022


Community initiative co-led with patients could improve care for people with complex health and social needs.

Canadian family physician Antoine Boivin and patient partner Ghislaine Rouly describe how they work together with community partners to provide holistic care for patients with challenging social and medical problems

February, 2020

Book Chapters

    1. Boivin A, Flora L, Dumez V, L’Espérance A, Berkesse A, Gauvin FP. Co-construire la santé en partenariat avec les patients et le public : historique, approche et impacts du « modèle de Montréal ”. Chapitre dans “La participation du public”. Editeurs: Christian Hervé et Michelle Stanton Jean. Editions Dalloz. 2017

Boivin 2017 Co-construire la santé

Articles published with peer review (selected)

1. Boivin A, Richards T, Forsythe L, Grégoire A, L’Espérance A, Abelson J, Carman KL. Evaluating patient and public involvement in research. British Medical Journal (BMJ) 2018;363:k5147 doi: 10.1136/bmj.k5147.

Boivin 2018 Getting serious about engagement evaluation

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Reports (selected)


3. David G, Grégoire A, Boivin A, Dumez V. Principes directeurs : dédommagement financier pour la recherche en partenariat avec les patients et le public. Unité SOUTIEN SRAP-Québec. 11 pages. 2018.


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G-I-N PUBLIC 2012 G-I-N PUBLIC Toolkit Patient and Public Involvement in Guidelines

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7. Boivin A. Systematic review of the interaction effect of patients’ characteristics on the effectiveness of preventive clinical practice guideline implementation strategies. London: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 2007.

Press and media interviews (selected)

1. Boivin A. La science du partenariat avec les patients et le public [The Science of Partnering with Patients and the Public]. Program: Un partenaire à votre santé [A partner for your health]. Radio VM. October 2020. Recording available (in French only) by clicking on this link. More information on the program (in French only) at:

3. Pelletier M. Soigner avec des patients: C’est possible? Le Bulletin: Société de sclérose systémique (sclérodermie) du Québec Inc. Automne-hiver 2018-2019 18-19

2018 Bulletin sclerodermie Québec (Communauté soignante)

CHUM Magasine

4. Boivin A, Grégoire A. Évaluer rigoureusement les pratiques d’engagement des patients et du public. CHUMAGAZINE. 7 décembre 2018.

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