Our projects

Caring Community

A social innovation that harnesses the skills of clinicians, patients and citizens so that everyone in the community can care for each other. Learn more

Peer support in homelessness

An action-research project on the integration of a peer helper with lived experience of homelessness into a primary care team. Learn more

Compassionate Communities

An action-research project to strengthen and integrate community resources and thus improve the quality of the end of life of citizens in their community. Learn more

Partnership Clinical Trial

A study on the involvement of patient partners in a clinical trial and the impact of this intervention on patients, clinical site staff and researchers. Learn more

Quebec Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Support Unit

A high-level platform to support research conducted in partnership between the population, research, care, social services and management. Learn more

Partnership Laboratory –

Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public

A science about integrating the patient into the care team and the citizen into the health system to improve everyone’s health and experience. Learn more

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